SmartHeat aims to provide a system that heats your home, room by room, based on the habitants’ habits and preferences. The objective is to reach 30% savings in energy consumption while providing the same comfort. 


Advances on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have unleashed several opportunities to introduce "smartness" in several application domains and in particular into hour homes.

The SmartHeat project aims to leverage on modern IoT technologies in order to radically change the home heating experience for health, comfort and wellbeing of elderly people. The goal will be achieved via the development of a smart, secure and elderly friendly ICT system for heating monitoring and control. A key building block of the platform is what we call the smartTRV. The smartTRV is a smart version of the current eTRVs. It is equipped with a set of technologies to understand the environment and the user needs and to wirelessly communicate with other smartTRVs installed on other radiators or with other different devices, such as smartphones/tablets and wearable computing devices (e.g. smartwatches, wristbands, etc.).