The European Commission’s policy framework (i.e. Clean Energy Package, FiT 55) seeks to decarbonise the energy system, encouraging the electrification of heat and transport, as well as the connection of more clean but intermittent generation. Electricity markets and smart grid digitalization should proceed very fast to enable the fulfilment of these targets, incentivizing energy consumers and maximising the use of assets from different energy consumption sectors (i.e. electricity, water, heating, cooling, mobility) in order to fully exploit the flexibility services. ENFLATE project will build upon existing solutions on data drivel energy services and non-energy services, and replicate them in different geographies, climate and consumer needs. It will propose applicable consumer-centred flexibility platforms and test them in Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland engaging local consumers, TSOs, DSOs, market operators, regulatory authorities, service providers, manufacturers, academia. It will provide smart grid innovative technologies, peer-to-peer market platforms for consumers, smart building and local community cross vector flexibility services, integration of consumer centred flexibility with pan European spot markets. Efficient business models will be developed and tested, combing energy services with health and mobility services. The developed ENFLATE project will be interoperable with existing data platforms in Horizon 2020, like ONENET, CoordiNET, SmartNet and INTERRFACE, leveraging the benefits of data exchange and adaptive middleware architectures. ENFLATE will evaluate the impact of the proposed multi-vector flexibility services to local, regional and pan European level.



I-Sec lab, Dr. Niels Nijdam and Maher Ben Moussa