LASAGNE: digitaL frAmework for SmArt Grid and reNewable Energie


The energy transition calls for smart meters to support electric systems and microgrids. Indeed, apart from monitoring home appliances’ power cycles, they will need to gather data about other households so as to predict/plan local and microgrid consumption/production. The LASAGNE project tackles these issues and develops novel smart meters, which we call Grid Edge Devices (GED), working in an adaptive and collaborative fashion. We develop GEDs enhanced with novel AI algorithms and collaborative distributed models which are the foundation to build context-aware and self-adaptive “energy” applications, such as peak shaving, rate negotiation, power transactions, grid stability. In essence, we propose to develop and involve four “need owners”: System Integrator, Independent Software Vendors, Edge Equipment Vendors and Need Owners. To handle the energy transition in an acceptable way, we will consider both social and business perspectives in the development of our GED-based system. The Unige partner will provide an agent-based coordination system supporting collaboration among consumers and producers, de facto creating a digital twin of the whole system. We consider two living labs: the eco-neighbourhood of Les Vergers-Meyrin in Geneva, and the Hammargy-Sösjtag eco-neigbourhood in Stockholm.