intergenerAtioNal communIty for coMpAny knowledge TransfEr


Animate is an AAL project that was born with the aim of using new technologies to address one of the main problems of generational relay: the loss of knowledge by a lack of adequate transmission of experience among the older generations and younger generations. ANIMATE also seeks to solve a problem that affects people of a certain age: the feeling of not being useful, due to be jobless or have a job that does not conform to their current abilities and interests, leads to absence of ambition and a sedentary lifestyle. As a complementary objective, ANIMATE aims to help the development of the manufacturing sector across the European continent. To achieve these objectives, ANIMATE proposes the creation of a platform focused on the Exchange of workers between companies in order that staff of the first company is trained while contributing labour power to the second company. Moreover, ANIMATE will enable that experienced and inactive workers can be hired by companies to educate their employees while supporting the company's projects.

The ANIMATE web service platform will have an intuitive interface simple navigability that will allow access to all kinds of users, a profile system that will allow each user to allowing easily publish publication all of information that he considers relevant, an advanced search of candidates for exchanges, a user rating system and a security system that protects the stored data. End users who work on the project (both companies and individuals) will test an initial prototype which will be refined in successive iterations (prototypes) with the observations that they provide so end users will be involved in all the project phases, achieving a final model that can be launched. More than 100 tests will be carried out in UK and Spain with elderly working and unemployed between 60-75 and with companies. ANIMATE system will base its business model on three main points: the premium account services, advertising and promotion of businesses and individual candidates.

Consortium members: HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL (SME) and Biomedical Research Institute for Health in Lleida (end-user) (both from Spain), University of Geneva (University) (Switzerland) and e-learning Studios Ltd. (SME) and Thurrock Council (end-user) (both from UK).