User Centred Computer Animation Techniques for Next Generation Digital Creation and Modelling

"The “AniNex” Consortium consisting of five partners (two EU Beneficiaries and three Partners in China), who are world leading influential centres of excellence in both the academic world and industry.

The “AniNex” is designed to anticipate and lead the development of next generation techniques related to computer animation and its applications, via integrating knowledge and talents of people from top institutions across the world who have been at the forefront of the relevant fields for many years. This will be achieved by research collaboration at various levels and scheduled staff exchange among five partners of the consortium through the well aligned work packages. To answer the current challenge in digital creation and modelling, the emphasis is on two main cores: “dynamics and interaction of virtual objects - DynO” and “virtual character modelling, and animation - XMAn”, but other elements like rendering and geometric modelling are naturally incorporated as well. The focus on “User Centred Experience” will distinguish the proposed practice from pure theoretical research, providing practical guidance and standard for techniques to best suit the users’ need and developing easy-to-use tools/software."