Information systems and services are an essential part of our everyday life, be it personal, social or professional. It is also an invaluable tool for businesses in support of their day-to-day processes, to gather business intelligence and reach strategic decisions and ultimately to foster digital innovation. At all levels public, private or international it is changing our lives.

The PhD program in Information Systems and Services Science is a cutting-edge program, where PhD students will develop fundamental models and theories of these disciplines and will create, design and prototype information systems and digital services of tomorrow.

Our major areas of research cover e-Health, pervasive computing, indoor positioning and indoor navigation, object localisation, mapping, GIS, mobile sensors analysis, security and privacy, risk and compliance, service level agreements, cloud computing, Internet of Things, service innovation, formal methods and design, systems evolution, quality and interoperability,  autonomous and self-adaptive systems, trust-based systems and data science and predictive analysis.

Application domains include transdisciplinary business services, Ambient Assisted Living, services for mobile users, traveling and mobility, gaming, data protection, intelligent documents, digital rights and policy management,  e-government services and smart society, finance and banking services.

Students enrolled in this program are also automatically part of the CUSO Doctoral School of Informatics.

We also welcome and value part-time PhD students. For further information please contact the program director below.


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Program Director for the PhD In Information Systems and Services Science

Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo


Marie-France Culebras