Application Domains

Smart, sustainable cities and mobility

Smart and sustainable cities include many aspects and concerns: mobility, environment, governance, economy and people. It covers underlying ICT infrastructure favouring smart cities activities, big data analytics as well as advanced initiatives or services supporting and easing the life of citizens and cities officials. At ISS, we focus on the following research questions:

Research Questions 

  • How to design e-participation platforms and their related interfaces in order to increase political participation and engagement  of citizens?
  • How to design advanced spatio-temporal services exploiting connected objects spread in a city?
  • How to develop services for visualising smart city indicators?
  • How to use 3D city models for enhancing the visualization of urban data and knowledge?
  • How to capture and understand the data flows and interactions within the context of cooperative, connected, and automated mobility systems in Smart Cities?
  • How to provide evidence-based policy making tools?
  • How to provide digital services for Smart Grid?

Research Themes

  • Digital Twins
  • Spatial computing
  • Services for mobile users
  • E-participation platforms
  • Indoor positioning and objects tracking
  • Big data analysis 
  • Interfaces for e-participation 
  • E-réputation des territoires
  • Urban and environmental knowledge representation
  • Enrichment of 3D city models
  • Rapid prototyping of 3D information visualization technics
  • Modelling smart city data interaction
  • Connected Cooperative Automated Mobility
  • Smart Grids



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