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Digital Trust, from Decentralized Finance to Augmented Human, AI and Metaverse

"For ages, humans have used the human notion of trust as a means to cope with uncertainty, to engage in an action despite the risk of a harmful outcome. More recently, computational models of this human notion of trust have been researched to be able to use trust in the digital world as well, between computers and/or digital accounts controlled by remote humans, from direct observations to recommendations and online reputation. Technical decentralized trust solutions such as blockchains are revolutionizing many business domains from finance to supply chain certification. In the near future, it is even envisioned that humans and AI merge together, possibly creating the metaverse. We have contributed to this trend with the organization since 2010 of the augmented human international conferences focusing on scientific contributions towards augmenting or retrieving human capabilities through technology. We are researching how these augmented human technologies can improve the computational trust assessment of machines and humans."


The group is lead by Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur, who created the yearly Augmented Human International Conference in 2010, with his team members Dr. Xavier Titi and Mr. Carlos Ballester Lafuente. The group focuses on the trust, security and privacy issues of augmented human technologies, especially in smart cities environments such as the Smart Ski Resort. Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur has worked on computational trust and online reputation management since 2002. He has created the Trustcompcommunity in 2004, which has now more than 280 academic and industrial members. The Augmented Human Trust research group is affiliated with the Medi@LAB of the University of Geneva for online e-reputation management, Web marketing, strategic information and business intelligence consulting and teaching.


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