Application Domains

Big data

From data collection to sensemaking, we explore different areas and technologies for Big data exploitation. We are especially interested in Data analytics, pattern discovery and digitalisation process while keeping  a strong emphasis on  Risk management,  security and privacy. We apply latest technologies (Blockchain, data analytics, deep learning, NLP...) for the development of generic methods, frameworks and tools that could apply to several application areas (Digital Health, Fintech, Digital marketing,  Risk management…).

Research Questions

  • Real time Big data interpretation?
  • How to transform the data mass into meaningful information?
  • How to simulate the serendipity effect by deep learning?
  • Real time risk assessment based on real time data?
  • Automatizing data analytics?

Research Themes

  • Blockchain data exploitation for risk management
  • Pattern discovery and risk assessment 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digitalisation of Financial services



  • Advanced Database (D200020, 6ECTS, Spring Sem.)

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