Virgilius is an international AAL research project whose aim is to provide a guide for seniors to help them moving in indoor areas, like a museum or a hospital. It encourages elders to continue living actively and independently. The system is continuously tested by the National Philatelic Museum in Romania and by the Perugia Hospital in Italy.

TaM is participating with its expertise on indoor positioning and navigation, expanding our GPM module's functionality to encompass more positioning possibilities. Specifically, we are combining the use of GPS, WiFi and bluetooth for Virgilius functionality. The methods chosen do not require new hardware as existing smartphones and tablets already include the necessary technologies. TaM's navigation module is currently able to route users from any point inside or outside, to any other point inside or outside within the coverage area.

TaM is also responsible for dissemination, which TaM has plenty of experience doing, thanks to our numerous and ongoing collaborations with industry partners.


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