Personal Learning Environment


(Phase 4) extension

The main aim of the PLE project was to develop an ecosystem, which promotes interaction between the formal and informal worlds, without learning necessarily being an explicit objective.
This ecosystem consists of a personalised learning environment that groups a set of online resources, some of which come from institutions and some not. In this way, it ought to be possible to stimulate a new form of education, focused to a greater extent on the learner.

During the project, the following goals has been reached, mainly:

  • Community of practice setup;
  • Create learning networks where pertinent information and knowledge are shared between learners;
  • Boost active and collaborative learning, critical thinking and the building of knowledge creation;
  • Encourage students to use web technologies beyond social networks and apply them to improve their learning;
  • Offer of trainings for developing Soft Skills concerned with ICTs;
  • Open up new perspectives in knowledge construction for teaching staff (passing from course-centric Learning Management Systems (LMS) to PLEs)
  • Provide the necessary guidelines and video to introduce the ePortfolio and his metacognitive process.

After this project, the main idea is to favour this kind of collaboration, particularly in the field of digital literacy by creating a Community of Practice using the PLE platform and offering regular face-to-face soft-skills seminars.