Application Domains

Citizen Science

At Citizen Cyberlab, we are developing methods and studying motivations for new forms of public participation in research. We initiate projects and organise events that encourage citizens and scientists to collaborate in new ways to solve big challenges. From online crowdsourcing to in-person hackathons, we are exploring and expanding the limits of citizen science and human computation. Citizen Cyberlab is based on a partnership between the European Particle Physics Laboratory, CERN, the UN Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR, and the University of Geneva

Research Questions

  • How can Citizen Science contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?

  • How can AI be used to enhance public participation in science-based policy-making?
  • How can token-based reward be used to motivate youth action for environmental research?
  • How can social entrepreneurs be supported to leverage open source technologies and open data?

Research Themes

  • Developing Crowdsourcing Technologies for Research

  • Using Non-Traditional Data Sources for the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Leveraging Hackathons to Stimulate Social Entrepreneurship

  • Exploiting Open Source Tools and Open Data for Citizen Science


  • EU Crowd4SDG Project: Through an online innovation process, the EU project Crowd4SDG, led by UNIGE, promotes the development of citizen science projects aimed at tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  with a focus on climate action.
  • Yoma Operational Research: Yoma is a digital platform that aims to support African youth on a “learning to earning journey” with three impact areas: digital skills, social change & environmental impact. UNIGE is leading the operational research on citizen science to encourage youth-led monitoring of environmental impact.


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