Jolita Ralyté

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Office number
+41 22 379 02 45

Battelle, Bâtiment A
Route de Drize 7
CH-1227 Carouge




Administrative position
Senior Lecturer (MER)

Research and Teaching
Continuous Education MATIS - Program Director

Fields of interest

Information Systems Development Methods
Requirements Engineering
Method Engineering
Service Design
Information Systems Evolution


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Ralyté J., Jeusfeld M. A., Backlund P., Kühn H., Arni-Bloch N.: A Knowledge-based Approach to Manage Information Systems Interoperability. Information Systems, 33(7-8): 754-784. Special issue on Advances in Data and Service Integration, Spriger(2008)

Mirbel, I. and Ralyté, J. Situational Method Engineering: Combining Assembly-Based and Roadmap-Driven Approaches, Requirements Engineering, 11(1): 58–78 (2006)

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