A tablet providing to seniors all the information and support they need to live autonomously as long as possible. The project is build for a tablet and offers four different services :

  • Health and nutrition: This service monitors the evolution of the user's health (weight, blood pressure...). It suggests cooking recipes that are adapted to the user's profile and it also allows the user to buy online the different ingredients that are needed for the recipe. If possible the service will answer all the user's health related questions but if it cannot answer the service will suggest different links to other services or information websites. The goal is to encourage the elderly users to achieve them selves most daily tasks by giving them help and support when needed. The system can also connect to other devices, for example to a weighing scale that sends automatically the user's weight to the tablet to see it's evolution.
  • Social network: It has been proved that an elderly that is well integrated socially is far more happier and can stay longer autonomous. This social service allows the senior citizens to be connected with other senior citizens and their family. The system takes into account the user's profile in order to encourage their social implication for example by offering to two senior citizens to go walking together after that the service has detected that the two citizens walk at the same time. The service can also encourage the user to comment or share with his friends the latest picture his grandson sent to him with his smart-phone.
  • Medicine: This service helps the user take their medicine and can launch an alarm if the user forgets to take them. The desired affect or the side affects that the user feels can be saved for next time the user goes to the doctor.
  • Object location: Loosing objects like glasses or keys can cause a lot of stress to elderly citizens. The object location service will be able to show to the user where an object that has been registered in the service is actually located. The indication on the object location can be done in different ways according to the user's handicap. For example the service can display the object on a map, make a sound or even guide the user vocally to the object 's location.



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Mon, 04/01/2013
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Wed, 09/30/2015
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