CaMeLi is a two year AAL project seeking to provide automated services with the purpose of assisting elderly people in their daily activities and in the provision of a comfortable quality of care. The CaMeLi project utilizes common tablet devices, installed in the living quarters of the user, with innovative, adaptable multi-modal avatar interface that will be able to recognize the users' affective state and behavior as well as express emotions and other human-like behaviors. This virtual avatar can assist the elderly in their daily living activities, compensate for some memory decline, give incentive to remain connected with the local community, as well as provide individual counseling about general health, thus contributing to their autonomy at home. In addition it is able to aid in the care of the user through a Co-Care communication platform consisting of actual formal and informal human care-givers.

The project will be tested in two well selected use cases (the Living Village of Orbis in the Netherlands, the independent home environments of VIVA in Switzerland) where elders can live and manage their daily life activities with the greatest possible independence are considered.

Project objectives

CaMeLi targets in providing an innovative service to empower and support the elderly in carrying out their daily activities at home as long as possible. The service will be based on consumer level hardware technologies, will be offered to end users both directly, as a stand-alone service, to be paid by the end-user, and as networked solution supporting, in addition, social interaction and remote care services. This last offer will be deployed by secondary and tertiary end-users, which will pay for the solution costs in the context of an integrated Home Care service.

At least one tested and validated system prototype that can be personalized to individual end users and commercialized maximum 2 years after project end.


  Markus Dubielzig

  CaMeLi Project Coordinator

  Siemens AG

  Corporate Technology

  Accessibility Competence Center

  Fuerstenallee 11

  D-33102 Paderborn, Germany

  Phone: +49 5251 60 6145


Project details

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Start date
Sat, 06/01/2013
End date
Mon, 11/30/2015
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