Jean-Henry Morin

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Office number
+41 22 379 02 55

Battelle, Bâtiment A, Route de Drize 7, CH-1227 Carouge SWITZERLAND




Administrative position
Associate Professor

Program Director Bachelor in Information Systems and Services Science

Fields of interest

My research interests and work is in information security with a particular focus on Digital Rights Management in the enterprise and media sectors. Some of my recent work on Exception Management in DRM Environments has been transferred to the industry in partnership with Fasoo. This work is part of a research area in socially responsible and sustainable security. I also carry out research in cloud computing, Internet of Things, privacy, data protection and transparency. I am currently investigating Blockchain technology in many of these topics.
I also work on Service Innovation and Design with a particular interest in Design Thinking as a skill to support the innovation and design process. This is being used in the context of ThinkServices, a Geneva based think(do)tank on Service Science and Innovation where was designed.



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