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Arx iT
Leader in geoInformatics, arx iT is specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Arx iT’s double core business consists in GIS technology consulting and GIS solution development and integration. In particular, arx iT develops applications making geographic data capture, processing and distribution easier.
In 2009, arx iT launched a new division focused on mobile phone technologies. Its goal is to provide cutting-edge solutions for smartphone platforms like iPhone or Android.
Through its various projects, arx iT has always adopted a quality-focused process. Therefore the company has set up a quality assurance system that led to the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification.
Vigisense SA is a Swiss Medical Technology company based in Geneva that develops and commercialises WORLDWIDE intelligent wireless care solutions, targeted primarily at the care home and private home environments.
The uniqueness of Vigisense’s technologies is based on the intelligence layers built on top of the company’s wireless monitoring systems. Typically, this approach allows for significantly less complex infrastructure, easier to deploy in healthcare settings and quicker to adopt by patients and medical staff. VIGISENSE’s BEST-SELLING PRODUCT RANGE IS CALLED MYAMEGO; IT IS AIMED PRIMARILY AT ALZHEIMER CARE AND PSYCHOGERIATRICS APPLICATIONS. THE service is carried out through wireless sensors, coupled to a powerful decision and notification software and a broad telecommunication system. It constantly performs analysis against individual profiles, specific behaviour patterns and care plans to deduct user-specific risk and condition information, trigger alerts and compile reports.